James R. Bozajian's Accomplishments and Goals

Since my election to the Calabasas City Council in March 1997, I have been proud to participate in our city's many successful ventures. Consider that in the last 22 years alone the City Council has:

     Acquired several parks and recreational facilities, including the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, Calabasas Creekside Park, Wild Walnut Park, Highlands Park, Gates Canyon Park, and the Calabasas Bark Park.

     Adopted sound fiscal practices that, even in the wake of several protracted recessions, have allowed the city to remain financially secure and maintain an impressive general reserve fund of approximately $19 million.

     Designed, constructed, and dedicated a beautiful Calabasas Civic Center to serve our community. Opened in 2008, this state-of-the-art complex features a City Hall, Municipal Library, and Senior Center.

     Pursued slow-growth policies to preserve Calabasas? unique natural environment. The city has acquired thousands of acres of strategically located property for designation as permanent open space and trail use. I drafted and was the primary sponsor of the voter-approved Calabasas Open Space Initiative I (2005) and Calabasas Open Space Initiative II (2015), as wel as the Calabasas Historic Preservation Ordinance (2008).

     Supplemented our contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department to bolster public safety and improve traffic circulation. I have used my background as a career prosecutor to bring innovative community policing initiatives to the city such as the Calabasas Teen Court, a program which I helped found in 1997 and continue to operate as Presiding Judge. These pro-active measures have contributed to keeping our city?s crime rate low.

     Forged a strong relationship with the Las Virgenes Unified School District by providing critical financial support for special programs and adopting creative joint use agreements. I proudly supported and campaigned for all six school bond measures submitted to voters during my tenure on the Council in order to raise necessary funds to maintain the outstanding quality of our public school system.

     Worked cooperatively with the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce and community leaders to bring attractive private enterprises to Calabasas, such as The Commons in Calabasas Park and Creekside Village in Lost Hills.

     Steadfastly opposed developments in neighboring jurisdictions that threaten to cause significant negative impacts to Calabasas. I helped lead the successful fights to acquire and preserve Ahmanson Ranch/Upper Las Virgenes Preserve (2003) and Soka University/King Gillette Ranch (2005) as public parkland.

     Sponsored an ongoing series of special events specifically designed to serve our senior citizens. We inaugurated the wildly popular "Savvy Seniors" organization and built a thriving Senior Center.

     Founded the Calabasas Klubhouse Pre-School, a city-operated program that has welcomed hundreds of local families since its establishment in 1999.

     Implemented neighborhood beautification plans devised to enhance area aesthetics while maintaining the distinct nature of our diverse communities.

     Joined with other municipalities to maximize the level of services available to our residents. I have been able to focus much of my attention on these issues through my active involvement with the California Contract Cities Association (where I have served on the Board of Directors since 2008), the League of California Cities, and other civic organizations.

     Approved extensive renovations and streetscape improvements to our roadways, bridges, and freeway interchanges. Along with the operation of a growing network of shuttles and trolleys to provide better public transportation services, these changes have helped alleviate traffic congestion.

     Encouraged the work of our staff and volunteer city commissions to offer hundreds of educational and recreational programs and services to Calabasas.


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