On November 6th, please join these community leaders in supporting Councilman James R. Bozajian for re-election to the Calabasas City Council...

"James Bozajian always stands up for what he believes in. His mastery of the art of diplomacy has allowed him to build cooperation, support, and consensus. He has always had the courage to do what is necessary, and to improve what is needed with the courage to listen and learn from others who may disagree."
- Karyn Foley, Former Calabasas City Councilwoman & Mayor

"I have had the honor to serve with James Bozajian, and he exemplifies what you want in a local elected official. He is honest and puts Calabasas residents first when making every decision. He is truly committed to Calabasas and ensuring that we remain a premier City that is safe, fiscally sound, and where we can continue to enjoy protected open space."
- Alicia Weintraub, Calabasas City Councilwoman

"When I think of leadership in Calabasas, I think of James Bozajian. James is ethical and consistent. These attributes have been his hallmark as a Calabasas City Councilman. James does what every excellent leader does - he gets input from the community by attending homeowner meetings to hear our concerns and address our questions. Please make sure you vote for James to continue clear, unbiased, consistent and ethical leadership, with no ties to special interests."
- Candice Weber, President, Community Association of Saratoga Hills

"James Bozajian has been a tireless advocate for our local schools, helping to ensure our community has the resources necessary to provide the exceptional quality of education our students deserve. I am honored to endorse James for City Council."
- Dallas Lawrence, President, Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education

"We need to re-elect James Bozajian to the City Council. His experience, wisdom and love for our City cannot be replaced."
- Fred Gaines, Mayor of Calabasas

"Councilmember James Bozajian has an incredible knowledge of the workings of the City of Calabasas and thoroughly understands the issues. He is committed to the well-being of all our residents. I appreciate his integrity, values, honesty, and dedicated leadership. He continues to provide a steady, thoughtful voice on City Council. I am proud to support his re-election."
- Richard Sherman, President, Calabasas Park Homeowners Association

"James provides professional leadership and knowledge to his fellow Councilmembers and City staff. We appreciate his guidance and efforts to bring excellent parks and recreational services to all Calabasas citizens."
- Laureen Morick, Chair, Parks, Recreation & Education Commission / Chair, Calabasas Arts Council

"The Calabasas Coalition wholeheartedly endorses James Bozajian for re-election to the City Council. He consistently listens to his constituents and truly represents them as Councilman. His knowledge, leadership, and dedication to preserving the uniqueness and beauty of Calabasas is invaluable. Please join us in supporting James Bozajian's re-election to the Calabasas City Council when you vote on November 6th."
- Joanne & John Suwara, Co-Founders, The Calabasas Coalition

"I have known James Bozajian for nearly a quarter of a century. His leadership role as a long-time City Councilmember has contributed immensely to the City's status and high regard. His influence can be seen positively in many areas that separate us from other cities. He stands for limited growth and strong environmental standards. He was a leader in the development of our city parks and recreational facilities, as well as our Civic Center. James' re-election is most important to preserve Calabasas' values and future."
- Bob Hill, Former Calabasas City Councilman & Mayor

"During my tenure at the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to observe the great works James Bozajian has done for the community. Mr. Bozajian's honesty, pragmatism, and insight into the business community's needs, and willingness to listen to its questions and concerns, set him apart from others in public service. Local businesses small and large have thrived in the City of Calabasas under his leadership."
- Bridget Karl, Former President & Chief Executive Office, Calabasas Chamber of Commerce

"We are very fortunate to have James Bozajian choose to run for another term on the City Council. Calabasas has most certainly benefitted from his record of leadership, guidance and vision during his years of service. James has always distinguished himself with strong, thoughtful leadership, impeccable character traits and an unwavering inner sensitivity toward our residents' needs."
- Ed Albrecht, President, Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association

"Thanks to long-standing Councilman James Bozajian and his continued support of the Savvy Senior movement, seniors in Calabasas and nearby communities enjoy one of the finest quality educational and social programs in the country. I applaud his commitment to our community in general, and the seniors in particular. He has my vote."
- Carol Davis, Co-Founder, Calabasas Savvy Seniors

"While so ably guiding the present and future of our City, James has ensured that our past is not forgotten. He has written a history of the City, is an active member of the Calabasas-Las Virgenes Historical Society Board of Directors, and was instrumental in establishing the Historic Preservation Commission --- making Calabasas the first and only city in the region to have such a body."
- Judy Jordan, President, Calabasas-Las Virgenes Historical Society

"James Bozajian has been a friend of mine since before he was in City government. He brings his special skills in being a good listener and a solid background for his work on the Council. James was instrumental in ensuring that the Civic Center site, including our Calabasas Municipal Library, would come to fruition. If you want a steady hand and a man with principles, James Bozajian should be your first choice."
- Ellen Pangarliotas, President, Calabasas Library Commission

"When it comes to protecting the environment in Calabasas for future generations, James has provided essential foresight, helping acquire the Ahmanson and King Gillette historical ranches and spearheading the two voter-approved Open Space Initiatives. He has always been dedicated in his stewardship of policies which define and preserve the rural character of our City and takes a common sense approach to minimizing impacts of any environmental regulation on the business community and private property owners."
- Martha Fritz, Chair, Calabasas Environmental Commission

"James Bozajian cares about Calabasas: its people, parks, special places, history, grand plans, conservation, beauty, infrastructure, schools, seniors, youth, families, security, identity, image and success. He's experienced, dedicated, fair, and in touch with almost everybody --- from his neighbors, to the city, county, state and national policy makers --- and he knows most of them by name and position. His long and productive past service to Calabasas is the best promise for the future of our City and citizens."
- Dennis Washburn, Former Calabasas City Councilman & Mayor

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