What do people really think about Calabasas City Councilman James Bozajian?

"I am proud to endorse the candidacy of James Bozajian for the Calabasas City Council. Although most politicians try to manipulate and sway those who disagree with them, James listens and learns from those who disagree with an unbiased heart and an open mind. He has served our city with honor, grace, and keen intelligence, earning praise and respect from the citizens. Thus, James Bozajian can truly be called a Statesman!"
- Karyn Foley, Former Calabasas City Councilwoman & Mayor

"I'm voting for James Bozajian - to build on the legacy of service, community development, initiative and fairness that he has embodied in leading Calabasas as a Councilmember and Mayor for many years. Taking the long view and acting on it has been paramount to his perseverance and success. There is no one who works harder to serve the needs and interests of all our residents than James. He deserves your vote."
- Dennis Washburn, Calabasas City Councilman & Former Mayor

"James Bozajian understands the important role successful companies have in this wonderful City of Calabasas. His friendly, thoughtful and balanced approach is an example to all who serve this city. The citizens and business community of Calabasas are so fortunate to have had James' leadership as a Councilman for all these years. I say, 'Four more years!'"
- Tim Smith, President, Bob Smith BMW/MINI

"James Bozajian has been an outstanding leader in building a partnership with our schools. His sincere support and interest in our students has enhanced educational and recreational opportunities for all students in our community."
- Jill Gaines, LVUSD Board of Education Trustee & Past President

"As a career prosecutor and long-time City Councilmember, James Bozajian brings valuable experience to his role as an elected official. At the statewide level, he used his leadership skills to capably represent the City of Calabasas as President of the California Contract Cities Association. James is a strong advocate for public safety in his community and a good friend to law enforcement."
- Lee Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff

"James Bozajian is an exceptional public servant who has dedicated many years to helping make Calabasas a premier city in which to live and to work. He is committed and passionate about our community. I appreciate his integrity, values, honesty, and proven leadership. He knows the inner workings of our city more than anyone I know. He listens and respects all our residents, and builds consensus on City Council. I heartily endorse James for re-election."
- Richard Sherman, President, Calabasas Park Homeowners Association

"No one has done more to make Calabasas great than James Bozajian. James is the most knowledgeable and hardworking Council Member in the history of our City."
- Fred Gaines, Calabasas Mayor Pro Tem

"We can count on James Bozajian's strong support for educational and recreational programming for senior citizens in Calabasas, including the 'Savvy Seniors' organization and the construction of a permanent Senior Center. He has earned my respect and trust."
- Charlotte Meyer, Calabasas Senior Task Force Member & Former LVUSD Board of Education Trustee & President

"James Bozajian has been a friend of mine since before he was in City government. He brings his special skills in being a good listener and a solid background for his work on the Council. As a Library Commissioner since 1998, I have interacted with James many times. James was instrumental in ensuring that the Civic Center site would come to fruition. Without his assistance, we never would have had the $8.2 million grant for the Library. If you want a steady hand and a man with principles, James Bozajian should be your first choice."
- Ellen Pangarliotas, President, Calabasas Library Commission

"James Bozajian brings both integrity and honesty to the Calabasas City Council, two ingredients that have served our city well. With modesty, James is without a doubt one of the hardest working elected officials, dedicating himself to the betterment of Calabasas. We're lucky to have a leader of this caliber."
- Marvin Lopata, Former Calabasas City Councilman & Mayor

"I have known James for over 16 years and have found him to be a person of great integrity and depth of character. As President of the Community Association of Saratoga Hills, I and the other members of the board have had the opportunity to work closely with him on many matters of concern to our community. James has shown professional leadership and genuine concern in helping us reach viable solutions to our real problems."
- Norm Buehring, President, Community Association of Saratoga Hills

"James Bozajian has proven himself to be a fair-minded, tireless City servant. Very importantly, James has demonstrated that he does not cast his votes on the Council merely to capture the latest fad or the approval of any narrow interest group. Rather, he casts his vote according to his conscience."
- Stephen Holzer, President, Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association

"James Bozajian is a proven leader within our community. James is dedicated, honest, and a clear thinker who has worked tirelessly to improve our city. James always takes time to carefully listen to community concerns, keeps an open mind, and treats everyone with respect. I am proud and pleased to endorse James Bozajian's candidacy for re-election to the Calabasas City Council."
- Jamie Daugherty, President, Braewood Calabasas Homeowners Association; Chair, Calabasas Communications & Technology Commission

"James Bozajian is a tireless, committed public official who has served the Calabasas community with great energy and integrity. Our city is very fortunate to have James on the City Council; his honesty, hard work and sound judgment have contributed significantly to the exceptional quality of life that we all enjoy as Calabasas residents. I am proud to endorse James for re-election to the Calabasas City Council."
- Matt Heller, President, Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center Alliance

"While so ably guiding the present and future of our city, James has ensured that our past is not forgotten. He has written a history of the city, is an active member of the Calabasas Historical Society Board of Directors, and was instrumental in establishing the Historic Preservation Commission - making Calabasas the first city in the region to have such a body."
- Judy Jordan, Calabasas Historic Preservation Commissioner; Former LVUSD Board of Education Trustee & President

"I have known James Bozajian for many years now, and have found him to be a most pleasant and sincere person. James has always shown great respect for the residents of Calabasas and has always been responsive to our needs. He has truly made an honest commitment to the city and has continually shown his dedication and integrity. I encourage you to support James with your vote."
- Shirley Greenberg, President, Calabasas Hills Community Association

"James Bozajian's past 16 years on the City Council demonstrate the value of integrity, hard work, breadth of knowledge and a voice of reason. His talents and leadership are significant reasons for the pride we all share in Calabasas. He has been an active problem-solver in all the City's diverse neighborhoods."
- Bob Hill, Former Calabasas City Councilman & Mayor

"I have been fortunate to work with James Bozajian for the last 9 years in various capacities. He has consistently been supportive of our city's programs and services, parks and facilities, and open space. James enthusiastically participates in every city event. He helped start our Teen Court program and serves as the Teen Court judge. I am proud to endorse James as one of our city's representatives and look forward to working with him another 4 years."
- Jennifer Bercy, Chair, Calabasas Library Commission

"I have always admired James Bozajian's commitment to the residents of our city. He works hard to understand the public's concerns on the issues that come before him, and consistently votes in a manner that both recognizes those concerns and maintains his own high ethical standards."
- Mark Sikand, Calabasas Planning Commissioner

"I have had the pleasure of serving with James Bozajian on the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center Joint Powers Authority Board. James is a dedicated, caring, and hard-working representative for Calabasas. He can be counted on to actively listen and act with integrity."
- John Edelston, Councilman & Former Mayor, City of Agoura Hills

"James has always been willing to listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision. His thoughtfulness allows for the best balance of ideas in City Council decisions. His willingness to hear all arguments protects Calabasas citizens from being disenfranchised."
- Mark Shear, Calabasas Library Commissioner

"James Bozajian is the kind of leader we all wish for! His dedication to Calabasas and all its citizens is extraordinary."
- Laureen Morick, Chair, Calabasas Arts Council; Calabasas Parks & Recreation Commissioner

"James Bozajian is a true politician in the best meaning of the word. He has gained the respect of the entire Calabasas community by learning what it takes to be a leader. He is dedicated, trustworthy, consistent, and always available to his constituents. He stays abreast of all issues by doing his homework. He reads about all issues and takes the pulse of his community before reaching a decision. His thoughtfulness and commitment to excellence justify your support and mine for his election to a fourth term in office."
- Michael Brockman, Calabasas Communications & Technology Commissioner

"James Bozajian has served our city as a member of the Community Policing Advisory Committee, City Councilman and Mayor. He has consistently shown his commitment and dedication to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Calabasas. I am proud to endorse his re-election to the City Council."
- Mike Newfield, Chair, Calabasas Traffic & Transportation

"James Bozajian is well known for being responsive to the citizens of Calabasas. He makes himself available to the public at countless functions throughout the year and stays in touch with the needs of our community. He is also watching out for Calabasas while representing our broader regional interests in the critical areas of land use and transportation. I look forward to more years of his dedicated leadership."
- Martha Fritz, Calabasas Public Safety Commissioner

"When I think of leadership in Calabasas, I think of James Bozajian. James is an ethical and consistent leader. These attributes have been his hallmark during three terms as a Calabasas City Councilman. James does what every excellent leader does - he gets input from the community by attending homeowner meetings to hear our concerns and address our questions. Please make sure you vote for James to continue clear, unbiased, consistent and ethical leadership, with no ties to special interests."
- Candice Weber, Calabasas Communications & Technology Commissioner; Past President, Community Association of Saratoga Hills

"James is a wonderful advocate for our schools, and has always been there to support our children and families. He has worked tirelessly to find creative solutions to the funding problems facing public schools, to the benefit of our entire community."
- Stephanie Williams, President, Bay Laurel Elementary PFA

"James knows that a strategic partnership between the City of Calabasas and the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce is vital to the City's economic success and growth. He has worked to create and ensure an environment where individuals and businesses can prosper. As a proven civic leader and longtime Chamber member, James is committed to keeping our community economically vibrant."
- Carol Washburn, Past President/CEO, Calabasas Chamber of Commerce

"James' dedication to our community goes above and beyond the duties of an elected official. He is 100% devoted to making Calabasas better for all residents, and gives his time selflessly for his constituents. James' knowledge of our community is incredibly impressive and his decisions are sound and based on extensive due diligence. James is a natural leader who always puts the people of Calabasas first."
- Alicia Weintraub, Calasasas Planning Commissioner

"As President of a homeowners association, it is always a bonus to have a City Councilperson not only with a strong commitment to the City, but one who also takes the time to connect with each HOA in the community. James Bozajian has this quality and I am proud to cast my vote for him on March 5th."
- Phyllis Scher, President, Calabasas Village Homeowners Association

"During the seven years I worked with James on the City Council, I came to know him as a caring and compassionate Council Member. James always puts the citizens of Calabasas first in all he does."
- Jonathon Wolfson, Former Calabasas City Councilman & Mayor

"I have known and worked with James Bozajian for over 15 years. I continue to be amazed at his dedication to public safety as a prosecutor with the District Attorney's Office, as well as his commitment to the Calabasas community as a Councilmember and Mayor. I hope you will all vote on March 5th and re-elect James for another term on the Calabasas City Council."
- Stuart Siegel, Mayor of Hidden Hills

"James Bozajian has served our community well with an eye to the future as well as to the past. He has shown his interest in all things Calabasas and has worked to make our city the best it can be. He deserves his place to serve on the City Council to provide a clear-thinking voice."
- Myra Turek, Calabasas Parks, Recreation & Education Commissioner

"James Bozajian has been a remarkable leader for the City of Calabasas. His support of Las Virgenes public schools is legendary."
- Donald Zimring, Former Superintendent, Las Virgenes Unified School District

On March 5th, please join these community leaders in supporting Councilman James Bozajian for re-election to the Calabasas City Council.

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